Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does a health coach do?

A health coach is there to guide you in helping you reach your individual goals. We are not doctors, so we don't prescribe medicine or treatments for specific conditions or diseases, but we do help our clients make good decisions that support their overall health and well being.

Is it all about food?

NO! It is definitely all about what you eat. Our practice works with a theory called primary foods, which addresses your relationships, work, home environment and other aspects of your life that contribute to your overall health.

Is this going to help me?

That depends. Are you really ready to make a change and get support from someone who is truly focused on you? Sure, you could go on the internet and look up all kinds of health and wellness information, but at the Caring Coaching Center, we practice bio-individuality, that means that we will create a program JUST FOR YOU! And really, when was the last time that it was all about you? If you're ready to make a change to live a better life, and you're committed to working through the program with your coach, then this program really will help you!